Monday, August 30, 2010

4 years of knowing him

8.9.2006 is the date that we are i love. the date that 2 hearts become 1, the day that i feel that his the one. now its 2010. it's such a short period that i never notis that i've known him for about 4 years..... this 4 years of knowing him has teach me a lot about love,bliss, gloomy, hurt, forgiveness and how to take care each other. he teach me a lot about Islam and Allah. he make me realized that how small i am to Allah, how far i am to Allah... thanks dear, you taught me a lot.

Honestly, i love and care for him. this year would be the happiest year in my life. im getting married with him on 9.10.2010. i promise you that you would not regret by choosing me as your wife. i will take care of you with all my heart. I will always be by your side, helping you trough all day. lest celebrate our journey togather with happiness and joy.

MOHD SYAUQY AZAMY MOHAMAD ------(@ i love you....